You are no longer a soldier looking out for the interests Of you’re brothers And sisters in arms. No, you hav been serving the donors, business, defense industry, whomever could help you win. Not the troops. Now, you flip turn like Michael Phelps, and jump right up Trump’s Rump!

You are a politician, and politicians, must dance, they all do.

The question, is with whom, or more accurately, for whom, do you dance?

You, have never had the troops st heart, you have always danced for your donors. Otherwise, the A-10 would have been iut to pasture years ago.

You, and McCain too. Ya should have retired that obsolete dinosaur, for the good of the troops. Should have been right in there pushing for the F-35. Or better yet, looking way forward, and going all in on Drone Warfare.

But no, ya held on to the tired A-10. Broke down , 30-40 year old planes, that are getting more expensive to maintain, not less.

Planes that, now that we arent the only ones with effective surface to air capability, are even less cost effective.

This is reason enough, to toss you aside.

If you are a true supporter if troops



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