Poorest States In The Union? Republican Legislatures. Richest? You Guessed It, Democratic Legislatures

The richest states in this country have Democratic legislatures.

The poorest states in this country have Republican legislatures . This is not a coincidence.

A prosperous economy, which is lifting all in the society, is good for both Republicans and Democrats. It is good for all of society.

Republicans, unfortunately, cannot have that. No, no, there have to be a masters. That, and they cannot stand the thought of something that benefits their opponents the Democrats, nor the people that they serve.

No, a society where the power and the prosperity are both concentrated in the hands of the few, of the privileged, is their preference. How else can you explain their absolute abhorrence of sharing the wealth? If paying any sort of taxes? Of providing anything at all for those less fortunate?

No, it is no coincidence that once a state becomes prosperous for all, it generally becomes more democratic. Those states that still live under Republican rule? Well, they’re are a lot closer to feudalism in Fiefdom than they give themselves credit for.


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