Moto Milo and His First Road Rash

Had to happen, Milo man, in such a rush to keep up with his big brother Avi, got his first road rash last week.

He took quite a tumble off the Razor Scooter, on one of the hilly streets of our neighborhood here in Mammoth.

He won’t be 6 til March, so he has gotten out to riding on the road a good 6 months younger than his older brother. Mind you, this was on a Razor, not a bike. He isn’t that far ahead if big brother

Amazing part is how tough he was about it. At , by the time he got home. No tears, not a whimper, just came in and told me he had crashed, and that he had some owies.

Didnt whimper a bit, until the rubbing alcohol set in, up on his shoulder…then the howl… and the shivers, that had me watching him for shock.

But all in all, pretty proud of the boy. Took his first crash matter of factly. Brushed himself off. Damn near cursed me when i told him he couldn’t ride on the street again til these abrasions are healed….



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