Oregon Vs UCLA. Chip Kelly’s Villain’s Return

Oregon vs UCLA today…. big grudge match, Chip Kelly, slinks back into Autzen Stadium today, to face his former team.

Big doings today. The season may very well hang on this game, for both teams.

Could I forgive chip Kelly? Sure I could.

I mean I was livid, beyond angry with ol’ Chuckie when he left the Raiders, but you know what? He’s back with the Raiders and all is forgiven. What did Al Davis say? Just win baby.

So yeah, if things worked out, and Chip Kelly is available when Cristobal gets stolen by Denver, or continues this slide, and gets fired? Sure, I think Chip would be welcomed.

But today? Today he enters Autzen stadium the enemy. Enters the traitor. The coach that betrayed us, left us hanging.

Today? No. No forgiveness today. No sir, this here’s a grudge match. I almost, almost, feel bad for the UCLA players that are going to feel the wrath of not only the duck players, butmore importantly, the Duck fans. Almost feel bad. Almost.



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