Russians were ‘Gandalfing The Trolls” In Our 2016 Elections.

Spoiler… We, the American People, were the Trolls.

For those of us who have found, that trying to explain political intricacies can be tiresome, even painful in many circumstances, I thought I might try something out here. An option, perhaps more mainstream, more palatable than using Machiavelli to explain.

What I mean to explain, is the why, more so than the how, the Russians trolled around with our elections, and may indeed be trying to troll again….

It is Gandalf using sone ventriloquism and impersonation, to keep the trolls fighting amongst themselves until it was to late, and they sealed their own fate.

A scholarly explanation follows:

We the American people, are the trolls… they keep us at each others throats long enough, to affect our vote. Keep the sheeples fired up long enough, that elections swing, legislation passes, before sanity and reality can save us from the rising, or in our case, the setting sun.

Yes, if we aren’t vigilant, the sun may indeed set, on the United States Of America.


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