Sheriff Knows What’s Up

The whole, “have hookers piss on the bed Obama slept in” has gotta be a smoke screen, ala J. Edgar Hoover style.

Put out some ridiculous truth, get caught hiding whatever it is, and ket that become the narrative, lest someone dig deeper, or elsewhere.

Ya just know what the Kremlokrats and Putin have, is far deeper, more sinister.

Seriously, given the horrendous behaviors he has already been given passes on, why would he care? Why would he be concerned?

Couple hookers, pee’d somewhere other than a bathroom, what concern is that of Evangelical Christians? It’s not like he was peeing. Just a couple hookers, going to Hell anyway, they would reason.

Nope, what they, the Russians got is deeper…. much deeper. And it may be a connection, a tentacle, that has been entwined for most, if not ALL of Donald Trumps adult life.

Hell, maybe back to his N.Y. Nazi Party Daddy.


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