Universal Healthcare…. Shouldn’t Everybody Have The Same Rights To Healthcare As The Incarcerated?

Do not the poor, both the indigent and working poor, law-abiding citizen have the same rights, same privileges as the incarcerated law breaker?

Aren’t the incarcerated provided health care? Isn’t that a universal right that has kind of been forced on them? The prison system, I mean.

And if it’s good for the worst behaving in our society, should it not be at least as good for those that are behaving well but are simply poor?

Or is poverty itself such a crime that even though you are not incarcerated for it, being guilty of it strips you of all human rights?

And before you say, I’m not poor…. end up in the hospital without insurance, and you will be.

Furthermore, if healthcare is indeed a right, why should the middle class, or even the affluent, be punished, in regards to healthcare, for there prosperity?

Proof, really, of the veracity of, universal rights to healthcare. Yet still, the U.S. denies it’s citizens, it’s law abiding citizens, the same rights as the incarcerated.

Fun fact: in older criminals, health care plays a large role, is a serious consideration, when considering recidivism. Free health care inside, as opposed to no healthcare out, isn’t a very good deterrent.

Just like how the homeless crowd the jails around the Holidays, for three hots and a cot, as opposed to freezing temps under a bridge.


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