Singing Instead Of Screaming

Been trying out a new thing on the kids, trying to curb my yelling and screaming. With 3 under 8, it can be a trial.

I have started singing at them. Not to them at them, and I mean that operatically. I literally go into that deep, foreboding,”Avi come here!”…

Like Pavarroti calling his kids , or maybe Muddy Waters….

and I don’t come out of opera voice until they comply with my request…

come here!

Come here!

I said come here!

I mean it come here right now!

Right now!

Right now!

Right n… thank you!

yeah, it sounds like an angry biker daycare musical…. but it seems to work. even on a peer pressure level, as the other two kids encourage whomever is out of ‘tune’, to comply so dad will shut up.



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