Pie…. I Like Pie… Made My First Crust From Scratch… O.K. Semi-Scratch

Made my own crust, by repurposing a dough mix from a cinnamon roll kit. I reasoned, I didnt have to cut it into strips, why not roll it out, make pie skins?

Well, the last one I thought I would impress, was absolutely sold on the crust, loved it!

My wife. Yup, she doesnt really like pie, precisely because of the crust. Hates the crust really, prefers graham cracker if she must, but would prefer her pie filling with a crisp type crumble on top, and nothing on the bottom!

Turned out pretty good. Wife really likes it, says she likes the taste and the mild chew it has. I was worried about the chew, but she loved it.

As you can see, we have both apple and cherry pies here.

So though I was a little worried, turns out they all lived the pie, loved the crust.

Got me to thinking, the wife and I to talking. Realized, that other than being flaky, crust was kinda boring, really.

Think I might just have to fiddle with that… it’s in my nature.


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