Oregon Ducks Vs Utah Utes… A Tale Of Two, Well, Maybe Three Bowls

Bowl implications everywhere with this one, for both teams, for both divisions of the conference, for at large bowls. Perhaps implications for everything BUT the College Championship Playoffs.

Ducks win out, they can snag the Alamo Bowl.

Utah wins out, they can grab the Holiday Bowl, maybe even spot in Pac 12 Championship, even the Rose Bowl!

Utah has some key injuries, that I hope the Ducks are prepared for.

Historically speaking, the wildcard of the back up role player for an opponent, has sometimes been quite disastrous for the Ducks. Lets hope they have their helmets on straight, and studied ALL the film, not just the starters.


What happens now? A very different Utah team will take the field against Oregon on Saturday. – The Salt Lake Tribunehttps://barbaryalan.wordpress.com/2018/11/10/what-happens-now-a-very-different-utah-team-will-take-the-field-against-oregon-on-saturday-the-salt-lake-tribune/


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