Hey Nancy Pelosi! #nancypelosi

Mizz Nancy… got an idea for ya.

You know the idea of you being speaker is less than popular.

Yet you fear lack of direction without firm, leadership.

You fear the chaos of a dog eat dog campaign for leadership.

You fear this with good reason.

I think I may have a solution for you.

Now, you MUST step aside. The future demands it. There is no other way, there must be NEW leadership going into 2020

Here is what I propose.

You pick your candidate, pick someone, for god sakes, younger than you, that you think you can mentor thru the upcoming turmoil.

You pick your champion.

Then, you poll the new class coming in. THEY, are the ones with a mandate, maam.

Poll them, let them caucus and let them choose their candidate, their champion.

Then, a couple speeches, and a vote.

Simple. Done. Onto Getting the country back on track


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