First Freeze? Maybe? Arizona’s “Winter” Is Upon Us, Lol…

May just get our first freeze overnight tonight down here in sunny Mammoth Arizona.

I know waaah, waah, crybaby, right?Winter”

Doesn’t even get down to freezing until November 12. No right to complain. Winter in the desert is, well, boring, really. mid 30 to mid 40 low temps, with mid to upper 70 hightemps, with occasional 80’s. Yeah, sometimes it is embarrassing to call it Winter.

Yeah this is not Oregon. I think today was the first day with a high that didn’t hit the 70s? Maybe only mid 60s. We’ll say 65.

Not sure how this lil fam is gonna take a move back to Oregon, climate wise. I , know they will acclimate, we will acclimate.

But yeah even I will, the least acclimated to the desert after 6 years, member of my family, probably be a bit of a crybaby when we get back to Oregon.

60° used to be the weather where I would put on shorts, and go outside, not start digging out sweatpants and staying inside.

My kids? They aint gonna know what hit them! 40 degree high temps? They can’t even imagine it. Even the few times we have seen snow flurries, it has been brief, and the high temps still got to the 60’s.

anyway first world problems right?


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