Human Dignity Should Be A Human Right

Pursuit of happiness is all well and good and it certainly should be a right

but I believe, in A society as advanced, a culture as advanced, a species, as advanced as we are, that dignity should be a universal right as well.

Human dignity, the ability to know that you’re going to get up in the morning and be treated like a human being, treated like a citizen of somewhere.

Not some trash to be tossed away along the Wayside.

Not something living under a bridge, ignored because you’re out of sight.

Not some problem that belongs to a neighborhood who’s people are a different color than those of your neighborhood.

That dignity, that ability to walk in the world, if not with your head high, then at least with your head up.

To know, when you wake, that you will not starve.

That if you are ill, or injured, care will be given.

These shouldn’t be luxuries. not on this planet, not with our technology. Our connectivity.

Not if Humanity the Race has any humanity the condition.


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