The Decline Of The White Christian Rural Base

Be wary, be ready, for the torturous decline , of the White, Christian, rural Republican base…..

in 75 years they will be considered the party of the descendants of the landed gentry… perhaps much smaller, but still holding much power, certainly much more power than their numbers should allow….

perhaps because of conservative control of the courts for the next 50 years.

Landed gentry, progeny of those white christian pioneers that had the luxury of free land. Free for the taking. Manifest Destinies misbegotten grandchildren, soft, lazy and entitled, now, even those that haven’t prospered.

Homesteads, boomtowns, and mines exploded into existence, as the railroads, cavalry and agriculture moved, like a slow, invading force, conquering the continent and wresting control of it, from its indigenous occupants. Wresting control, and ceding it to their children for generations.

Why do you think there is such a rush to put current federal lands into private, corporate, and ultimately, white hands? To shrink the monuments, and Federal land in general?

They need to get it into the white hands, while the majority that can afford it, are still white.

Cant have brown, or black, landed gentry, Our destruction of Spanish Land Grants made that clear. It is also why 40 acres and a mule wasn’t gonna fly with the white master class either.

The Eurofascist Gentry Party, and it’s future irrelevance, will be the Albatross around the neck of this Union, I fear.

I truly do not have much hope, for an ‘aha’ moment, a ‘come to jesus’, ‘damn i was stupid’, ‘sorry, do you forgive me?’, moment anytime, not anytime soon, but as anytime, from the Trumpian electorate.

Maybe, once the Boomers fade away, but not today.

No, the SOUTH, has indeed risen, and metastasized right up into the Midwest and across the Plains. What remains to be seen, is if this a “death throes ” final bloom, that will die out with the Boomers., Or if if this shit is just built in, part of the Eurotrash Psyche.

The question then will be, will the Secessions of the West and Northeast, come with a side of Civil War? Or without?


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