What Happens When White Christian Nationalist America Refuses To Assimilate?

Will White Nationalist Christian America, be able to follow its own advice and assimilate when they are no longer the majority?

As demographics change will they be willing to compromise and assimilate or will they force the destruction of this union?

Perhaps with their own theocratic nation that stretches from Florida to somewhere in the mid west before it stopped at the Rockies?

With the Northeast and the West throwing up their hands and just say fine do your own thing we’re out.

Perhaps, the logical legalizing of Weed of the Northern Tier States along the Canadian border, will cause some rational thoughts to scream above the white fragility loud enough to preserve some semblance of a Union between West and Northeast.

I fear though, the South is lost, as well as the Heartland, that vast resource that is the Mississippi.


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