Cultural Anthropology Saved My Life

Cultural Anthropology Saved My Life

It was a cultural anthropology class that tied it all together, that made it just click.

It tied together all of those sociology, psychology, and history classes, and all of those life experiences and It just made them all more understandable.

No, not understandable that’s not right. It made them functional, usable, useful.

It gave me tools for investigation, for prediction of human behavior.

It gave me tools to help me understand the motivations that really make people, societies, groups, teams, clubs, etc. tick. What makes the do what they do, both individually and as groups.

these ideas, these motivations transcend the size of a group. that could be a group of three or could be a group of 3 million, the dynamics are pretty much the same.

Indeed in a lot of ways, these tools, these rules, apply across species this is just for humans.

animals can be studied, explained and understood based on some of the same principles, the same anthropological variables.

Seriously anthropology saved my life many times.

Sounds silly but when it comes to human behavior and human reactions, understanding what motivates them and how to, more importantly, how you can motivate them, can inform all areas, all aspects, of your life.

It did for me anyway.


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