Some Dessert Tray Pics, And Perhaps A New Thanksgiving Tradition?

You know scheduling made us try something different this year, and I think it just might become a new tradition.

My wife works graveyard, so we were trying to adjust Thanksgiving to her schedule. So we decided that we would have Thanksgiving quite a bit earlier than normal. Earlier like 10 AM earlier.

Thanksgiving at least for my family, was always an earlier than normal meal,. This was more like two to four o’clock as opposed to a normal five or six o’clock dinner.

But 10 AM is really early for dinner.

However it works out perfectly. Mommy was able to partake of Thanksgiving in a full measure, and the upside is the cook or cooks, are completely off the hook by 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning.

I prepped the turkey last night, then baked some pies, putting the turkey in the oven at 3:15am, and crashed.

My wife, getting off work at 6am, brought home donuts for breakfast, just because she is awesome, forward thinking, and didn’t want to be making breakfast for kids while .putting finishing touches on a Holiday meal.

Timing worked out, and she was home in perfect time to uncover the turkey for the last bit of cooking, that delightful crisping of the skin.

Then she baked the last pumpkin pie, rocked out some sides of stuffing, taters and gravy and boom! Thanksgiving, bagged and tagged!

From there it is just a buffet line all day, kitchen closed, see yourself to the microwave, thank you very much!!

Cherry Pie w/ Croissant Crust

Apple Crisp

Blueberry Crusty

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