Even As A Child, I Knew The Jetson’s Future Was A Better Destination, Than The Flintstone’s Of The Past

As a child

The juxtaposition

Of the Flintstones


The Jetsons

Was a good


Of someone

going forward,

or going back

Based on which


You pined for

Which reality

you longed for,

The past

Some mythological

Glorious past

Or for the hope

of The future

What’s happening


is almost like

we got halfway

to the Jetsons

it wasn’t easy

And some of you

want to

turn around

to go back

Go back to

To make America

great again

to regress

Turn tail

Go home

to momma

Trouble is


As a society

As a culture

Both unique

And vanilla

we don’t have

enough fuel

Enough energy

to go back

there is only

enough fuel

to go forward

going back

would leave us



in between

lost forever

and never been.


f orward

is the only way

to Jetsons.


And fascists

Be damned


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