To The Guy That Designed This Little Fucker: I Am Coming For You! #hallwayhazard

Can you believe this? rhis thing is the size of one digit off my finger! Seriously? Who the fuck designed this thing? I’m serious fucker, if I find out I’m kicking your ass!

Talk about a hazard to a dad’s health! Hallway hazard of the highest order more like!

And no, it’s not freaking helpful that it is cute. Just makes it freaking impossible for me to just throw it away, at least not in front of anyone.

Noooo, I have to watch for it every day I know one day I’m gonna look down or better yet not going to look down, and that little fucker is going to send me ass over teakettle! Or worse, it’ll just electric shocks up my legs and back, buckle me that way.

I have to admit though, the detail is pretty cool… so yeah…. fuck my life


One comment

  1. Hahahah! The Spanish Inquisition’s finest torturers has nothing on two toddlers, a box of assorted age appropriate toys and a hallway.

    “We will make the heretic confess by forcing him to walk down the stairs my three year old has just been playing on!”

    “Don’t tell me it’s…”

    “Yes…it’s Lego.”



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