Mama got her shopping elbows on

So mommy was working on something at her desk Friday night. Doing a little online shopping, standing but slightly hunched over, and little sister, quietly climbed up behind or on the stepstool. She was watching, quietly, and mommy had no idea she was there.

Now mommy turned around to look at the TV or answer a question or something, and while turning round, she delivered a wicked little elbow, directly into little sisters forehead. Knocked her clean off the stepstool, right onto her diaper butt!

Baby sister, wasn’t hurt, in fact she was cracking up, so I immediately pointed out that,

“Ya better watch out little girl, it is Black Friday , and mama got her shopping elbows on!

Turns out, even online Black Friday shopping brings out the WWE in my baby!”

Dont ya hate getting that look, for telling the truth?


i mean C’mon…. I didn’t hit her with

and that’s why we can’t go to Walmart!”



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