Stomp, Trumpelstiltskin, Ya Entitled, Tangerine Traitor!! Stomp, Stomp, Then Go Away

We should be mocking and tearing down the psyche of this imposter president every day

pile on America, drive this ego maniac mad with derision and mockery and satire.

Drive this man to his true Trumpelstiltskin nature to stomp and stomp and stomp and go, go, go through the floor and disappear.

That just like most other bullies you simply have to turn it back on them.

Trump is not a bully that punches, h ll he is afraid to touch people. Trump is a bully of privilege, Trump uses words lawyers.

Trump likes to make up names for people. So we sic lawyers all over him and his.

Of ciurse, we the American people need to do our part, our due diligence and give Trumpelstiltskin his daily dose of

“Yer a dipshit!”

Come on America we can do this!


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