Oh Gawd, It’s Happening To White Kids! Flavored Nicotine AND Mass Shootings!

Anybody else seeing a pattern here with this?

“oh my god! now it’s happening to white kids, we best do something”, dilemma America seems to have.

I’m talking about This new federal regulations on flavored cigarettes.

All the sudden white kids are being tempted with flavored electronic cigarettes and it’s a national problem.

For decades flavored cigarettes have been marketed to the African-American community, decades.

The argument was even made back then, decades ago that this flavored cigarette angle was targeting children, was making something already addictive even more enticing.

The argument was made, the science was there to force the tobacco companies, but it went away, why? Because it was just happening to black people.

Now though, e cigarettes, whole ‘nother matter. These are white people, white kids getting hooked. Something has to be done!

Good thing smart lawyers noticed the blatant hypocrisy there, before it blew up in their face.

Probably pointed out that we should probably add menthol cigarettes too, since they been bitching about it for 50 years.

Our blatant Racism would be on front Street if we only went after flavored e-cigarette’s and not menthol cigarettes.

Given the exact same arguments against sweet flavored nicotine delivery systems, failed to be a actionable problem, when only black kids were targeted. Would be even worse, if the standards were allowed to still be duplicitous.

Be pretty hard to deny that racism, that flavored cigarettes can be marketed to minority communities, that’s OK, just don’t get it near the white kids.

I imagine they had to tell big tobacco that losing Menthol cigarettes was the price they’re going to have to pay if they want the Government to clamp down on the e cigarettes.

There’s no way we can take flavored cigarettes away from the white population and not take flavored cigarettes away from the minority population, especially when the reasoning is public health.

Seriously racism is already on front street with this president. You cant say out loud, legally speaking, thst the health of one population is more valued than another.

Oh, you can believe it, and use other venues to ensure it, but you can’t SAY it. No, that would be honesty.

Reminds me of the whole ‘youth shooting youth, our children getting gunned down in mass shootings’ problem.

How that problem was somebody else’s problem

was a bad neighborhood problem

or a bad ethnic minority problem

or a gang problem

and it wasn’t something to be actually concerned about. That was until white suburban kids started shooting up their high schools.

White suburban kids started taking vengeance against bullies into their own hands and started shooting up the schools and churches and such.

Then all of a sudden suburban white bread ‘oh my God’ Christian America is all up in arms, ‘ school shootings are an epidemic, it’s terrible, we’ve got to do something, we’ve got to save the suburban white kid’s from shooting each other.

Same damn people had zero fucking problem with black kids shooting each other, it was a gang problem and good riddance.

But now that the white kids are getting shot, shot up a lot, we have to protect the youth. Didn’t give a damn when it was black or brown youth.

The same is with e cigarettes. Now that white kids are getting addicted to these candy cigarettes, these candified nicotine products, now it is a problem.

Now that this marketing, this sugar coating nicotine, an addictive product is getting aimed at white kids, at white folk in general, well, that isn’t safe.

It was ok when it was just minorities, but now we’ve got to do something about it?

Can you see the pattern now?


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