In-Corsi-rate Him!

Perjury…. lies, deception… treason… yeah, Fuck Corsi! And Fuck his hope for a Pardon!


7 thoughts on “In-Corsi-rate Him!

  1. But: Mueller’s investigation is based on a phony dossier bought and paid for by the DNC. MR Mueller has a conflict if interest, he was head of FBI when HRC did Uranium One deal w/ Russia. ( The Clinton Foundation is alleged to have received over $140 million from Putin in exchange for mining rights of 20% of US uranium reserves. J. Podesta is alleged to have been given 75k shares to grease the skids. Mueller’s job is to distract from the truth of HRC’s criminal actions while SOS.
    Corsi’s crime is that he wrote bad, but true things about the Clintons, and the corruption of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and NSA.


      1. Did I address the topic of “women”? I was just responding w/ actual concerns for our nat’l security. I say down with corruption that screws normal people, and evil that pretends to be good. Thanks!


      2. You red hats cant let go of Hilary, or Obama….. because they arent white males,! The only thing bootlickers like you can demigod on…. Pathetic fragile white males supremacists….


      3. On June 5, 2013, leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden blew the lid off this surveillance regime. Federal judge Richard Leon slammed that records roundup as “almost Orwellian… I cannot imagine a more indiscriminate and arbitrary invasion than this systematic and high-tech collection and retention of personal data on virtually every single citizen for purposes of querying and analyzing it without prior judicial approval.”

        Mueller sought to dampen the Snowden uproar by testifying to Congress that the feds could not listen to Americans’ calls without a warrant for that “particular phone and that particular individual.” But NSA employees had broad discretion to vacuumup Americans’ info without warrants, and NSA’s definition of terrorist suspect was so ludicrously broad that it includes “someone searching the web for suspicious stuff.”

        If Mueller’s team finds clear evidence that Trump colluded with Russia in his 2016 presidential campaign, any abuses Mueller sanctioned as FBI director will be irrelevant. But if Mueller’s case relies on his halo instead of smoking guns, then Americans should pay more heed to Mueller’s record than to his press clips. Gravitas is no substitute for fidelity to the Constitution.

        James Bovard is a USA Today columnistand the author of 10 books, including “Lost Rights: The Destruction of American Liberty” (St. Martin’s Press, 1994).

        This is an example of Mueller’s criminality. His career is built on suppressing whistleblowers.
        Don’t believe me. Look it up. Bad guy. Not just.


      4. I dont care if Mueller jerks off in the shower to a laminated picture if you… what i care about is the case in front of him NOW, meathead! But by all means, play the Roger Stone(Roy Cohn wannabe) puppet regurgitator and smear away. The truth, wont help you, so go to the smear. PrayThroughHistory? More like Prey thru History….


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