Tree is Up!

Got the tree, and most of the decorations up Monday afternoon.

Kids were impatiently waiting , and ready to get to it

Hell, they were ready Thanksgiving afternoon!

And i gotta say, i am more than satisfied with the 4 ft tree.

Our big tree finally gave up the fhost last Christmas, so we had been planning to simply get a new one this year, nothing fancy, but a new one.

Thing is, we had this spare 4 ft tree, from a few years back. We had been letting the boys have their own tree in their bedroom, since a friend misunderstood our not having the tree up yet(having recently noved), for us not having a tree at all.

They got us a little one, and though we explained we indeed had one, just hadn’t unpacked yet, insisted we keep it anyway

Anyhow, while looking around our once again being packed up household, yes we are planning to move after the first of the year, I was trying to figure out where we should put the tree this year.

i realized, we had this great spot in the front room, that would require only moving one piece of furniture, maybe two, and it just looked like a really pleasing spot for it. In fact, it is right in the same spot that we had our ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos.

Then I remembered the 4 ft tree. Saw that it would fit in the ofrenda spot, without moving any furniture at all.

Luckily, my wife to saw the wisdom, felt we would be better off buying a new tree atfter we get moved, wherever we are going.

Gotta say, it also feels good dedicating less space to Christmas in general. Not letting it overwhelm the room. I mean, what with the traditions, sales and merchandising, the season goes 45 days this year!

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