Fruit Plate, Sanity Saver For A Stay At Home Dad

With three kids, oftentimes breakfast rolls right into lunch without any real type of a break.

By the time you have cleaned up or finished getting breakfast to your late waker or wakers, the early one or ones are looking for snacks, ir are outright clamoring about lunch already.

This is where the snack plates come in for me. Put out a bunch of fresh fruit.

Put it on a plate, put out some crackers or chips of some sort.

I generally get the plate out there by about 930 10 o’clock

I leave it til after lunch and just let them snack on it.

there’s three little kids, and they want and need to eat all the time, but i aint the one, it simply isnt possible to retain sanity, AND cater to 3 finicky, tyrannical little non tipping customers, that need naps.

Nope, not gonna do it.

Improvise, adapt, overcome

#fruitplate #snackplate #dadlife

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