M.A.G.A. Approved Fragile Masculinity Emergency Cuck Fantasy Kit #magacucKKKit

Got a pencil dicked, red pill eating, maga hat wearin’ masculinity marginalized privileged little punk, that secretly fantasizes of being cuckolded by some dirty minority, on your holiday list? Maybe your shitlist(thank you L7)?

I mean, that is what the maga hat means right? Make (white)America Grovel Already?

Well here you go….

When you are sick and tired of all the excuses put out there,

other than the real one,

their self loathing for their own self perceived inadequacies, their psychological need to be punished, to be put in their, merited, place, give them this…

Tell them to take their hatred, a pathetic excuse for their sick little cuckold fantasy, home.

Tell them ya got them a to go bag, and to take that shit,

And go play

big Jim and the twinkie

at home!!

And yes, as I know these dolts are bit slow…. I have provided pictorial instructions….

Repeat…. if you must…


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