They Are ALL Perfect Moves!

“Come on dad! Cmon, let me show you my perfect moves!Come on, come on, come on!”

She prances around, then goes into some free form breakdancing/interpretive jazz routine, that really ought to be way beyond a three year old!

Not sure where she got the idea of ‘perfect’ moves… maybe a little disturbing… I mean,, she is my three year old daughter, what moves wouldn’t be perfect?

she really is serious about dancing, much like her big brothers.

Having a former dj, and musician for a dad. a varied musical background is their reality, maybe even nightmare once in a while…. but they love music, we keep instruments EVERYWHERE at the house, just laying about.

We have the remnants of a pretty substantial drum kit strewn across the yard, I am sure much to the chagrin of the neighbors.

We have guitars, keyboards, recorders, bells, whistles tambourines.

Hell, I have a drum machine and a fog machine, for when they get just a little older!



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