Me, And My Buddy… One Of These Days I’ll Get Him Back To Roswell.

Weird little convergence here…. Was talking, well, electronically anyway, with an old high school chum, who happened to be in New Mexico on business, and that got me nostalgic about my brief rime living in New Mexico

It was ironic, because, as we are packing up our household to move, I was somewht in the process of sorting snd packing knick knacs. Doing the whole., does it stay or does it go thing, when I came across this guy. On a dresser in the bedroom.

This also gets me thinking about New Mexico, and Roswell, though I am sure I got the thing at a Spencers in the Willamette Valley.

And the thing is, I was still torn… not so much as to whether we were getting rid of it, but more about whether it is time to pass it on to the kids…. and whether that would be safe yet, the oldest only being seven.

Finally decided, to at least delay the decision until after our move, to go ahead and pack it away. With my luck, we wont be unpacked fully, until the oldest is 10 anyway!

So, having started a box of keepsakes and such, out in the living room, I took it out there, and in it went. As I was pulling other knick knacks off my bookshelves out there, the box was right by my makeshift writing station. Indeed, the box was actually doubling as a table, really, for a notepad I was scribbling in.

And then, my obsessive genealogy and dna research took a turn in the convergisphere. One of my semi distant dna matches, say 20-24 generations separating us on our paternal lines, replied to my attempt to connect.

I had messaged him a few days prior, after noticing some updates to his data, that indicated more clearly, our relatedness.

Well,we had alot to communicate about, since luckily, he was excited to explore our connectedness as I was. We were messagingmost of thatday, and early on, after learning where I was living, Arizona, he asked that convergence level question.

Heasked if I had ever had any ufo experiences.

Being a mischievous prankster, I immediately grabbed that alien in a jar, snapped a selfy, and sent it to him!

Asking him, “oh you mean one of these?”

If the ice wasn’t broken before,it was at that point. Had a great conversation, that has continued for the last few days.

Kinda reinforces, unfortunately, some of my packrat problem. When you find something that you think might be inspiring, ya just dont know what it will inspire, or even how, it will inspire…..

So quit asking me to get rid of my junk…. CLEARLY it has a purpose! Even if I cant articulate it…..

Besides, I still really like my fe-tacular little friend!


My instincts turned out to be well tuned….. little sister, while doing a quite rambunctious dance with her new snow globe she got for one of the nights of Hanukkah, forgot it was glass, and treated it like a ball, hoping it would bounce.

It was supposed to be part of the dance.. until it wasn’t…. glitter, glass and a lot of “sorry”s….. oh well

Good thing my Alien buddy is staying in adult hands for a little while longer….


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