Is it More Noble An Endeavor, The Greater Good? Not Under Capitalism

Is it not more noble to sacrifice for the greater good than to sacrifice for the lesser?

You would think that easy question to answer but it’s not.

Indeed, for a long time the sacrifices of the many to benefit the few has been the norm.

Peasants sacrifice for their king, corporate workers sacrificing so the CEO can have a brand new boat.

It really is the norm.

We talk a good game about altruism.

But it’s just talk.

capitalism can’t do anything else when it comes to altruism, but talk.

Capitalism is built on beating the other, guaranteeing there are those without.

it can’t be capitalism without unemployment, without poverty.

without the disenfranchised, the model just doesn’t work.

Indeed, brush aside the fog and subterfuge, cut through the double speak, and you realize that Altruism is anathema to Capitalism.

That, by their very nature, they are mutually exclusive.

Manifest Destiny being double speak for might makes right

And rugged individualism, means fuck everybody but me!

Starting to understand the reverse talk bizarro world lingo we have been sold from the inception of this country, is an absolute mind splitter.

We encourage and incentivize ruthlessness. To the victor go the spoils and all that jazz. Powerful and aggressive get promoted, play first string….

Humility and empathy are ridiculed. Even Christianity, has equated prosperity, or winning, regardless the cost, as good in the eyes of god. As a reward from god, for your avarice!

No, the pay off, the greater reward, goes not to those who serve others. The greatest rewards go to those who serve themselves…


I think I hear Nero’s fiddle, off in the distance


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