Milo’s Vulcan Logic

“Look dad, look dad, we are cleaning up!” Milo exclaimed.

Looking into the room, I can see that they have thrown all of their toys into one huge cardboard box, the, ‘ imagination’ box I had given them the day before to play in.

So I reply, wryly, “I see that buddy, but that’s not quite the way it works.”

his answer is instant, classic and frankly jaw dropping, if you consider the boy is 5!

“Whatever it’s a big giant box, it carries everything!”

I start to sputter, but he continues,

“All the stuff goes in it. You said pick up the toys and put them in the boxes, that’s what you always say!”

Now to be fair, I am still taken aback by his “whatever!”, and back on my heels, so there is no recovery here…

“The toy boxes, i said toy boxes”,

was my chuckling, exasperated reply, having already lost to his vulcan logic.

“So now its a toy box”, he lilted right back at me, as if there was no other explanation.

I backed out if the room, defeated.

I did say the box was an imagination box. It could be whatever they pretended it to be.

Guess he showed me….

Hoisted on my own petard….



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