Last Week’s Emotional Whirlwind! #dadlife

It was quite a whirlwind last week in our household.

First off Monday we had the long anticipated reunion of my wife with her aunt. It has been 15 years since my wife had seen her aunt, indeed my wife was a teenager the last time they were together.

Having bern 15 years also means that her aunt has never met the children. So this was really neat that the kids finally got to meet a matriarch from my wife’s side of the family.

I had found her a couple years ago, On the Internet. I was looking as a sideline to my own genealogy research.

I had been hoping to find members of my wife’s family that would be worth contacting, that wouldn’t be the piece of shit that her mother was, is, continues to be.

Or there but really caring they had that shit.

So we were pleasantly surprised when her aunt Susan finally realized who I was, figured out who it was trying to reach out to her. Thanx to DNA testing, and second cousin.

Even more so that she was excited to meet and have the reunion.

So early Christmas really for the kids they all got new bicycles , And a bunch of matriarch time. Grampa time, too, lest I forget Uncle/Grampa Jay.

Now, this was long awaited reunion as I said, and we were anticipating Susan and Jays arrival, when I got some bad news, on my side of the family front.

My aunt Wilda, my kids great aunt, passed early that morning, in Santa Rosa, California. She was dads sister, well half sister, to be fair, but the only sister he had ever known. In fact, she rescued him from their negligent mother shortly after marrying, and raised my dad herself, right along with her own children.

So her loss is a substantial one. Granted, she was 85, and had a full life, but still. I will miss her. My youngest never got to meet her, and my two older kids will only remember her from pictures, having been so small the one time that they met.

As I am sure you can imagine, this kinda hit me like a hammer….. yet at the same time, i knew i didnt want to taint this reunion that my wife and kids were going to have with a matriarch of their own family.

So I kept it in, didn’t tell the kids. I told my wife, but tried to keep my condolence calls and contacts on the down low…. I eventually let the in laws in on it, but just wasnt telling the kids…..

And I still haven’t….. maybe I wont… we shall see. I mean, I will definitely tell them before next years Dia De Los Muertos. Before that? I guess we shall see.

Ya know what though?

That’s not all! You also get…..”

Yup thats right, the Universe wasn’t done.

Nope, turns, unannounced(at least to me), my little brother Ben was released from Prison, back up in Oregon!

Turns out he was released on Tuesday Morning.

Don’t know much more. My brother in law sent me a pic of my bro at my parents gravesite on Wednesday. He was locked up when mom died, so I am sure that was rough.

Anyhow, bro in law told me he had got out on Tuesday, but nothing more. I gave him my info, told him to pass it to my brother, and he could contact me at his own convenience, knowing full well, he may not want to contact me at all.

He may, just show up here in Arizona, I don’t know…… And if he does, it’s 50-50 as to whether he would greet me with a hug or a punch in the mouth.

Ya see, we havent spoken or corresponded, since at least the Christmas before Mom died. Haven’t seen each other since shortly after my son was born, because he has spent much of that time incarcerated, and I moved out of State.

Never seen the other two…. so that is almost 8 years.

So….. Monday, Lost a Matriarch

Also Monday, gained a Matriarch(though I am older than she, if we are to be truthful)

Then Tuesday, a Prodigal Son, a beloved yet estranged brother has gained his freedom, but to what end?

Heavy couple of days…..



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