Kids Are Oregon-ized… For the weather

Being a bit of a grizzly dad I don’t mean this in grizzly as dangerous I mean as in grizzly bear dad fiercely protective,

I was in the process of putting wind breakers on the kids for a walk.

Coming from Oregon to Arizona, weather, and how you are used to dressing for it, is quite different. Arizonans dont really understand the true value of layering clothing, like those from colder, wetter climes do.

So we often laugh about no brainer cold weather tips for us, that seem like revelations from the gods on high to the local folks, who have spent their entire lives in the desert.


As I was starting to layer them, up my wife assured me, while coming down the hall, that they were well layered already,

“don’t worry daddy, mommy has them layered up.”

Then she added,

“I, Oregon -Ize my kids”

she continued, hands on hips like Rosie the Riveter,

“Get it? Oregon.. weatherize, Oregonize?

“Is is that right? Would that be right? Oregon ize? Right? Oregonize? Badum dum… bum”

Then a look of horror crossing her face,

“Oh gawd! Your rubbing off on me, now i am telling dad jokes…. aassaghhhh!!!”

Was her cry as she fled down the hallway…



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