Mountain Lion Range Expansion, Right On Over and Around Us

Huge mountain lion spotted in Tucson neighborhood | Arizona News |,+AZ+85623/@32.6085211,-110.7661477,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x86d6204c825ba78d:0xda1f8a7fbd8aa04f!5m2!1e4!1e3?hl=en-us&gl=us

the above map will show you, Saddlebrooke, the suburb of Tucson referenced here. If you look even further, 20-28 miles away, depending on whether you are a crow, a car, or, say, a mountain lion, you will find Mammoth, Az, where we live.

Yup, we are 20 odd miles further into the boonies, than where the news is crowing about Mountain Lion sightings.

And yes, they have been sighted, right down in our neighborhood, since we have lived here.

this means, we are no longer on the edge of their range, we are within it.

Though to be fair, I mean really, they are just reclaiming their range. We are the interlopers.


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