Be Good Little Girl, Or Elmo Gets It! #dadlife

Baby sister and her rambunctious ways, threw a small dustpan and hit her older brother Avi, who was sprawling on the couch, right in the chest.

It wasn’t that hard, she’s only three, but her aim was good. Now Avi just laughed, but I still had to call her on it….

Made her apologize and all of that, and as I was leaving the room, I inadvertently kicked her stuffed Elmo into the hallway.

Though inadvertent I took advantage of it, and said, “Take that, Elmo!”

Sister now, of course complained that I was kicking her Elmo, and she didn’t like that at all, and I said, “Yeah, well that’s for hitting my Avi.”

Well, her little hands were on her hips by now, and she yelled, not loud, but it was a firm three year old yell, “You better not hit Elmo anymore!”

I immediately retort “Well, you better not hit Avi anymore.”

She looked at me

I reiterated, “Right?”

She deflated little, but looked a little pouty

Again I said, “Right Aeshna Jaxx? You get it? I don’t like you hitting Avi you don’t like me hitting Elmo”

She harrumphs….

I kneel down, nudge her chin up so she is looking in my eyes, do our exaggerated two finger, ‘I’m watching you’ hand gesture, between our eyes, and say….

“Capiche?” I say mock sternly..

“Capiche?” I repeat

She breaks into a grin, and exclaims,”KAH PEESH!”

Then runs in for a hug, giggling…



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