Dufus Donny’s Pencil Stockade

Donny boy did this shit up himself, right? I mean, he didn’t PAY some contractor(Russian?) for this, did he?

Holy crap!

I mean, is anybody else seeing this? A bunch of spears, sticking 40 feet out of the ground?

They sure don’t seem to be attached, so… you can just spread em… i mean, how much does a hydraulic jack cost?

And don’t tell me it isn’t that detailed a drawing. He sure detailed the little hot wheel car he put in there, and the pointy, spiky, thingies he made sure he blew up for his blood thirsty base to see. No, this is plenty detailed.

He wants to line up steel girders and sharpen them…..

Its like he has been playing with pencils at that big oval office desk.

I guess Mattis is taking the LEGOs with him!!


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