Hugs For Mommy, Our Christmas Miracle, Our Savior

Not even kidding on the title. And not just our savior, but she saved herself as well…. ya see, quietly, earlier this week, she celebrated 6 Months without alcohol.

That is a pretty big deal, for those who don’t know, how that goes.

So, she saved herself…. and if she hadn’t, we might all be lost. We certainly would be well on our way…

I got laid off 2 yrs ago, and health problems have made reemployment hard to manage, and my wife had to step up, had to be the full time working, bring the bacon, bread, and bratwurst home, breadwinner for us.

It hasn’t been easy, but she has persevered, and managed to instead of get bogged down by it, has chosen to rise above, to say hell no fuckers, hold the beer, literally, I got this!

And dammitall, she has!

My rock star Raya, proving everybody wrong!

Chains can be broken baby,

chains can be broken…

you, and our kids, are proof

We love you,

I love you,

My dear, indomitable, Sharaya


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