The Screaming Of Children Really Hulks Me Out

Screaming of children really sets me off, I mean it’s insane.

I had someone one time try to compare it to nails on the chalkboard.

But I had to explain that no, it was similar, but certainly not the same.

That scratching on the chalkboard,

that sounds gross , and maybe, just maybe a little painful.

but Screams, especially those of children, screams are far different.

That sound is not of pain, or disgustingness,

It is a sound of distress, it sets off a an alarm of distress,

of somebody in extreme distress.

Unfortunately I seem to be hardwired to react to that, and not in a pleasant manner. I immediately go into hulk smash mode

I need to go smash whatever is making that child scream.

It’s an automatic fight mode, not flight mode.

The reptilian brain is not running from anything, it wants to move toward, and Hulk smash whatever is causing that Little being to make that noise.

Seriously, it runs up my spine like electric charges.

Down side, is that when it turns out to be crying wolf, or play….. it can really twang the irritating bone, sometimes the rage bone.

Not real pleasant getting all adrenalined up into hulk mode, to find out it is play, or tantrum.

I know that screaming, and learning its limits is all part of childhood, but damn, it sure does stick me to the ceiling like a cartoon cat!

I try to explain to them that screams like that are for real pain, real danger, not just cuz things arent going your way.

The whole boy who cried wolf comes to mind. I guess that is why they wrote the story, huh?

It isnt just a cautionary tale for the kids, but for the adults as well.

Gotta do better…



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