Some Da Bitch! #dadlife

Some da bitch!!

Yes , ” Some Da Bitch!”,

and the clattering of a stray toy, echoed out of the kids room across the hall.

Mommy and I were sitting in our room going through some kids clothes we were donating to some new moms here in town.

So we were unprepared for the obscenity coming so eloquently from the lips of our 3 yr old daughter Aeshna Jaxx.

And quite frankly, it had us slck jawed and choking back laughter….

Little sister had dropped one of the toys she was gathering up, Charlie Chaplin style, from the boys room.

Apparently, somebody is using “”Son of a Bitch” too much at the house. Prettysure that would be me… yeah, me, my bad…

Now, mommy regained her composure first, calling the potty mouthed little lady into mommy and daddys room.

I , actually have to turn my head and cover my mouth, so as to not ruin mommy’s scolding for miss potty mouth.

Mommy too, is having to turn her face from our daughter as she admonishes her, lest the laughter all over her face ruin the whole message

i said, behind hands over my mouth, and from a face angled away fron the child, again, lest i give up to the child thst I am furiously laughinhg on the inside!

“Now you get out if here, kittle missy!”

Then under my breath,

“So mommy and I can sit here and laugh inappropriately!”

I am in so much trouble ….These kids are going to talk like pirates.

I am gonna have a memorial bench in the principal’s office…..

I guess some things just never change..



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