Curation, Tweakination, Frustration, Battle Stations

I’ve been working, curating, tweaking and adjusting the material I put on my blog.

Trying to figure out,

trying to experiment and adjust what I post,

when I post, how many posts etc. etc.

It’s been a couple years in the making.

I am kind of finding my voice, if you will..

I mean I kinda know what my voice is,

I mean, with me it is more like voices, right?

And , with me at least,

it isn’t different personalities,

it is just dozens of options

and Configurations of thought,

or whimsy,

swirling about,

waiting to catch hold

to a hand or my mouth,

to utter or inscribe….

I mean,

the best way to get voices out of your head is to put them on paper, right?

The question is what do people want to actually hear? Read?

Not so much in a sell out way, that I would write whatever they want to read,

No, more like, of my various opinions or voices,

which ones might people actually spend money to hear.

So it’s not selling your soul, it is simply realistically finding out which parts of your soul are actually monetarily viable, Morally viable, or simply, interesting.

So I am still tinkering with it,

still trying to figure out which articles, which things, people are most interested in, of those that I’m trying to write.

It also works as a great way for me to work out material for the 4or 5 different book ideas that I’ve been exploring

basically each essay could be expanded into a chapter into one of those five books, I just have to curate them once I’ve got 100 or 120 of them in each subject.

so i continue to write, about whatever needs to be written that day…..

Enough days, and I’ll have me some books.


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