Ghost Train Ore Bane

Ghost Train rolls

Dark of night

Clatter and jack

Piston and wheel

Rolling on oak


Rails of steel

No cargo

On board

Not a soul

Ar the stick

Not a voice

Just a moan

And a chatter

The rain

doesnt mind

The weather

Doesnt matter

This train


And clatters

the state

Bridge in

Bridge out


Or no gate

This stock

Rolls forever

No rest

No brakes


were sought

And souls

were stakes

Doomed to ride

A load

full if riches

All night

All fright

Eternity bitches

That ride

Laden with riches

Doomed to fade

At the dawn

Slip thru

The fingers

no fruits of labor

No taste of nectar

The sun

takes the treasure

The dawn

takes the gold

The bones

toss and turn


at the light

Then rise again

At the

inkling of night

To ride again

That rail

That spur

So short yet

never ending

Getting that ore


To the smelting

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