Chili Cheeze and Asparagus Fart, On Demand. #dadlife

The boys weren’t really calming down, still giggling and carrying on.

Now, it was after midnight, and though they weren’t in trouble, it was time to go to sleep.

so I went in and said,

‘you know what boys? If you don’t quiet down and fo to bed, I am going to unload with a chili cheese and asparagus fart, in this room, that’s going to knock you out cold, and solve the problem!’

Now of course that generated some howls, and blankets going over head’s, but that died down quickly, to dead and utter silence….


Because they know daddy can make it happen.

Yes sir, Chemical Weapons are legal in this little fiefdom!

This aint Gaslighting, this is gas fighting!

I got more, don’t make me use them!



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