Ewok Vs Wookie, baby

My wife got a really plush hoody for xmas. They call it shaggy fleece, and it is shaggy soft on the inside and out.

My wife damn near breaks out in purrs when she puts it on. Seriously, lil mama is a bit tactile, I suppose… this coat really blisses her out..

So, background done, on to the comedy.

Shortly after she got it, I noticed someting… she kinda looks like an ewok in it…. a tall Ewok, but still, a cute, fuzzy little Ewok, all bundled up in her jacket. It wouldn’t take much to add ears to this thing for Halloween.

Now don’t start howling, I meant it in the cutest way, like when I refer to my children as Jawas in their little hooded housecoats after a bath.

And the luxurious shaggy fleece really does look like it was sheered off of something warm, cute and adorable.

So, as I am wont to to do, I vocalized my observation….

Yeah, went past thinking it, I went ahead and took my life in my hands, for no damn reason at all, indeed blissfully unaware of the danger, in my effort to be funny, and said to her…

“Hey babe, you look like an Ewok in that jacket”

Her look, told me It wasn’t nearly as funny out loud….

Then I got one of those hands on her hips, “hey!” From her,

and I freeze,

but she starts laughing as she goes into the bathroom, letting me off the hook.

Now I really do love this woman, all teasing aside, and came up with this, immediately, approaching the door to the bathroom,

” I mean damn babe, I am sure you would have been a whole lot more butt hurt had I said Wookie. Right?

Thank god he’s a Star Wars nerd, and she agrees Ewoks are cute. Our couch isn’t really that comfortable.


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