My Lil McGyver, Avi #dadlife #proudpapa

This was a moment that I was so proud to catch, at least partially. You see, we had gone to a little Christmas party at my wife’s work, and had brought a couple small presents for the kids, so they wouldn’t get whiny when the employees exchanged gifts. Yup, three kids, not one, traveled this path before, remember a thing or two.

Anyway, Avi got a small pair of binoculars, which jazzed him immensely, as I have been letting he and his brother use their grampa and great grampas old binoculars to bird wtch from our yard fir the last couple of months.

So he is straight away out onthe ridge by the store, staring of into the mountains across the way. He watches the cars go by, watches the customers go in and out of the store, etc, but then starts fidgeting about trying to figure out how to carry the thing, hands free.

He doesnt have a belt, and starts to look around. Mind you, he hasn’t vocalized this, I have just been watching him, gaging his reactions, and seeing what he was picking at amongst the debris and detritus that is the side of a convenience store.

I see his face light up when his eyes chance upon the bow from his little Christmas present… literally watch his face go into aha!

He then deconstructs the bow, to make himself a makeshift belt, tie attachment, to put his binoculars case on his waist….

My little McGyver!!

He is just a few weeks shy of 8 yrs old.



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