Bad Guy For The Right Reasons

I have been made out to be the bad guy here, and ya know what? I will just live with it. It sucks, It is painful, but I am the bad guy for all the right reasons.

That doesn’t change that I am indeed the bad guy. I do not deny what I did, I simply did wrong, for the right reasons, at least in my opinion.

I refused to normalize, for my children, the idea of staying home on Sunday afternoons to get phone calls from incarcerated relatives. Write me a letter. End of discussion.

Besides, it is busy out here in the real world. There are bills to pay. Taxes to pay. Mouths to feed. No guarantee of three hots and a cot out in the real world, ya gotta work for it.

So, if they aint got time to write a letter, how the fuck do I got time to wait anxiously for a phone call?

It wasn’t special treatment, It was standard operating procedure. It’s the way my father raised me. Never visited, never put money on the books, never sat at home waiting for a call, be it video or otherwise, for Anyone. No one, relative or otherwise.

And he was right.

I feel the same. I will apologize for the distance, but not the decision.

Bad Guy For The Right Reasons…. Not the first time in my life, probably not the last.



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