Marble Track Madness #Quercetti #skyrail

Found some really cool marble track stuff I picked up for the boys a couple years ago, well before they were old enough to appreciate, or take care of, it. They had come with a huge box of Legos, a rubbermaid tub full, that I picked up at a Goodwill. Gave them the Legos, put the rest away.

Found it while doing some packing and some donating. Luckily, the boys recently have been inspired the KNEX toys they got, so it is perfect timing to give them these intelligent toys as well. No, really, they advertise them as intelligent toys. SKYRAIL ROLLER COASTER, by Quercetti. Made in Italy, and when you think about it, and the aRoman Aqueducts, makes sense to trust the Italians to design your gravity, force and flow toys, right?

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