This Trump Presidency Has Been A Test….. Failures, Line Up For Your Scarlet ‘T’

Your evolution

mentally speaking

has been tested

by the Trump presidency

and etched upon the ether

Upon the annals of history


Those of you

who still

couldn’t come around

to evolved thinking

That equality,



That fairness

Should be

The state of being

Not the exception

That the state

Of happiness

Is more important

than the STATE

that racism

And xenophobia

Are outdated

And detrimental

To the human race

you have now

marked yourselves

with the big red T.

The big red T

for trump

we will not forget

we will not forget


the Moglodytes are

y’all will be marked

with the scarlet letter

until the day you die

this emergency Test

This Evolution-alysis

will end shortly

after which

we would ask

that you Red Hat’s

line up for your

personal red ‘T’s

tattooed on

your foreheads.

Rest assured,

we will have

plenty of

volunteer tattooists

to provide

this service,


this concludes this test

A test of the emergency

Evolution-alysis system

The capable of

giving a fuck system,

the emergency

evolved human being


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