Spider Poop…. Yes, Spiders Poop, Visual Proof #dadlife #spiderpoop #yesspiderspoop

Yes, it was one of those questions….

“Dad, do spiders poop?”

Now, he is 7, his brother is 5…. so I dont know wasnt going to cut it, especially in the age of the internet

“Look on the phone dad”, they say in unison.

So, into the scatological capabilities of arachnids we go…. on google, on scopes… to the answers!

No, of course it wasnt on my list of things to know…. but hey, I had kids by choice…. can’t say I wasnt warned.

So yes, it turns out spiders do indeed poop. And if you look in places where spiders congregate, or more accurately, under them, you will find it. Yeah, turns out they have pretty much perpetual diarrhea, pooping in little liquid drops.

This knowledge, led to closer inspection of some things we have been packing for our move.

This closer inspection, led to the discovery of our very own spider poop! Yay!

Arent you glad my kid asked?


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