Avi’s First Photo Shoot, From 2011, Back In PDX #CharlesGWaughPhotography

My wife reached out to a photographer back in Portland, who took some shots of Avi as a baby, for some coffee table book being done as a fundraiser.

We were supposed to get a copy, but never did. Moving out of state a year later probably didnt help.

Anyhow, she took a shot, reached out, and hit paydirt. Not only did he remember us, he had Avi’s proofs in his office, and fired them right off to her.

Charles G. Waugh, was the photographer
It was he that informed us we were supposed to get a copy of the book, and said he would try and find out if one could still be had for us.
So a big Shout out to #CharlesGWaugh, for his photography abilities, his compassion… and his cluttered office(by his own admission), where he still had all the proofs.
On a very cool note, those were my childhood overalls and cap. My grandad was a Santa Fe man.


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