Small Town Police, Malfeasance, Ineptitude And Laziness.

The Sergeant did knowingly or unknowingly violate Complainant’s civil rights, in his refusal to enforce, and continued attempts to modify, a harassment injunction duly served.

That he did indeed conspire to have complainant’s court order ignored, and ordered subordinate officers , or strongly suggested as the sergeant, that the officers ignore complainant’s reports of the violation, if subject of court order was only pumping gas.

It may be that the sergeant was ill-informed as to the harassment law, given his citing of a non existent 100 foot clause, but his ignorance, and the fact he is poorly trained, is not the complainant’s fault.

She, the complainant, should not have suffered for that ignorance, nor for the cavalier attitude. But she did.

And the fault, lies promarily with the sergeant. In the end, he is the cop, he is the sergeant, he should know his shit, AND be willing to read the things, laws, court orders and such, he is supposed to enforce.

However, the sergeant was hired, trained and promoted under the auspices and encouragement of the town and it’s government.

They too, are liable. I am certain the complainant isn’t the first, or 15th complaint about the sergeant that the town, and it’s government, have received. I have heard numerous myself. As such, Said town and government are culpable as well.

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