Ambidext Aeshna Jaxx, Flurry Painting #dadlife

Aeshna Jaxx, seeing that her brothers had been painting, decided she wanted to get in on the action.

In all honesty, I had been hoping to get the painting stuff put away before she saw it.

But Pandoras box was already open as it were, so I decided to let her

use up the paint the boys had left unused on their plates.

I reasoned, it really couldnt make more of a mess, especilly since I hadn’t cleaned up yet. No, she would be re-messing something already messy.

So little Dali-eeta here, decided to blow my mind!

I let her get started, and went to check on the boys. When I come back around the corner, I find her frenetically painting with both hands, working from two pallettes and alternately painting on two different canvases!

Now the ambidexterity wasnt a surprise, we knew that. I too am an ambidext, and like her, I favor the left, but we are both true ambidexts, this little painting demo proves that.


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